About Tailin' Toads

Tailin Toad About

Tailin’ Toads was founded by Manny Altman in 2012 in Honor of her Mom, Pam Stanley. Pam raised her 5 children by teaching them how to crab and fish the waters of Laguna Madre in South Texas.

Manny has been fishing since she was 2, and as the years progressed, found that there was a need for quality sun protection gloves. Being a tournament angler with her husband Chandler, she found that they both struggled with the fingers of other gloves that got in the way when tying knots and lures, so she came up with the first and only “fingerless gloves”. To create the best quality glove possible, Manny spent time trying different layers and ideas before she finalized her glove design using a double layer of SPF fabric with 4 way stretch for the perfect fit. The first and only completely fingerless glove that provides 50+ SPF protection was made and selling fast! Manny added cool prints to adapt to any anglers fit and style!

Since it’s inception and by anglers requests, Manny added sun protection shirts, face Shieldz, Sockz, Rod Covers, and so much more! She also offers custom design to many companies around the world! “I know my mom would be so proud.” Manny Says. “I am grateful to all of the amazing people who have come into my life and who love my gear! It’s like a family! We all have such a passion for fishing! It’s Heaven on earth! I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

“To my customers, I want to thank you for not only the purchase, but the continued support of Tailin’ Toads and myself!! Stay protected!! Get your Toad on!!”  Manny Altman